Crowns And Bridges Restore Your Smile

By Dental Arts of Englewood
August 22, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Crowns and bridges are dental treatments that have been helping patients protect, secure and improve the appearance of their teeth for dental crownsdecades. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, having one crown installed is the most popular restorative procedure performed by cosmetic dentists each year. Bridges are composed of two crowns and are also popular for patients who have unique dental concerns. Learn how crowns or bridges by Dental Arts of Englewood, NJ can restore your smile, whether you have a damaged or missing tooth.

How a Crown Can Help Your Smile
Crowns are all-around coverings made of ceramic, metal or porcelain that very closely mimic the look and function of a healthy tooth. Because the material that makes up a crown is so tough and durable, it provides much-needed protection for the inner layers of a tooth. It is cavity-resistant, so there is little to no worry about tooth decay. Crowns can also make your smile look more attractive since they can be shaped and colored to look like the rest of your teeth. 

How a Bridge Can Help You Get Your Smile Back
A bridge is a dental device that is made of two crowns and a pontic (replacement tooth) at the center. Bridges help you get your smile back by filling in unattractive gaps due to missing teeth. Because this dental device is anchored with crowns, you can feel more confident eating and speaking in public compared to partial dentures. If you want a long-lasting tooth replacement treatment, discuss bridges and other options with your Englewood cosmetic dentist.

Understanding Which Solution Is Best for You
If you have a missing tooth between two healthy teeth, bridges are likely going to be the solution for you. If you have one healthy, rooted tooth that looks discolored, chipped or otherwise damaged, your dentist will likely recommend a crown to improve its looks and condition. Both procedures can be completed in about two or three dental appointments.

Call to Get the Final Word
Your Englewood, NJ cosmetic dentist will be able to tell you at your initial consultation if crowns or bridges (or both) can help restore your smile. Call Dental Arts of Englewood at (201) 894-9998 today to schedule your visit.