Don't Let Tooth Loss Control Your Smile

By Dental Arts of Englewood
February 22, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Over the past 30 years, a dental miracle has helped thousands of people take back control of their smiles. What is this marvel? It's called dental implantsthe dental implant, an artificial tooth from root to crown. At Dental Arts of Englewood, Dr. Mark Docktor practices state-of-the-art implant dentistry, giving patients strong and complete smiles so they look, feel and function at their very best. If your smile needs help, dental implants could be your ideal tooth replacement option.


The pieces and the process


Say, for instance, you have lost a tooth due to deep decay and abscess. Or, maybe you were in a car accident, and a tooth was irretrievably damaged. Well, if you have sufficient bone surrounding the empty socket and the rest of your oral health is good, you likely can receive a dental implant to permanently fill that smile gap.


Here's how it works. Dr. Docktor will examine your mouth, including taking digital X-rays to understand how healthy jaw bone is. Bone density is critical to implant success. If you were lacking enough bone, the dentist can augment the site to increase jaw bone strength.


With a satisfactory amount of bone, the treatment proceeds with the placement of a titanium cylinder. This is the first of three pieces which make up the typical dental implant. To insert the cylinder, your Englewood implant dentist injects numbing medication, incises the gums and drills a small access hole into the bone.


Next, Dr. Docktor inserts the implant and closes the gums with sutures. What comes next is the remarkable secret behind dental implant success. Called osseointegration, this process melds the jaw bone to the dental implant, creating an inseparable bond. Traditional tooth replacements, such as bridges and dentures, only rest on the gums and bone, but dental implants are anchored within the jaw itself.


Osseointegration takes many weeks, but when it's complete to Dr. Docktor's satisfaction, the next step in the process may happen. That involves re-opening the implant site and bonding a metal alloy post on the implant. The final piece is a custom-crafted porcelain crown. In short, a dental implant patient now has a complete artificial tooth that looks and feels like the real thing. Additionally, people who have lost multiple teeth may receive implants to anchor dentures or bridgework.


Are dental implants really that good?


The statistics bear it out: dental implants are marvelous. The Institute for Dental Implant Awareness says that while conventional prosthetics fail in a decade or so, dental implants succeed over 95 percent of the time and last indefinitely.


If you wonder how to care for implants, it's not hard at all. Brush and floss as usual, and see Dr. Docktor semi-annually for an exam and professional cleaning.


Come see us


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