Improve Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

Improve Your Smile With Teeth Whitening


Want a bright-white smile? Dental stains don't have to be permanent. Professional teeth whitening is a safe process that erases years of dental stains. Dental Arts of Englewood, in Englewood, NJ, offers professional teeth whitening solutions for patients who want whiter, brighter smiles. Dr. Mark Docktor is one of the finest cosmetic dentists in Englewood, NJ—read below to see some of the services that his practice provides.

In-Office Bleaching Treatment

In-office bleaching is a revolutionary procedure that uses strong bleaching gels and a light source to speed up the whitening process. The entire procedure takes about one hour. It begins with a preparation period followed by 45 minutes of whitening. A fluoride treatment completes the procedure. 

Benefits of In-Office Bleaching

Let's face it—over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are difficult to use, messy, and not very effective. With one in-office bleaching treatment, you can unlock a smile that's up to eight shades lighter than before. In-office teeth bleaching is effective, safe, and very fast. The convenience of one treatment in comparison to two weeks of wearing trays makes it a great choice for busy people. 

Take-Home Whitening Treatment

Professional take-home whitening kits are dispensed by dental practitioners. Take-home teeth whitening involves custom-fitted trays filled with a bleaching solution that you can use at home. Some trays are worn for an hour, others throughout the night. With professional take-home teeth whitening, you can have the white smile you want, on your own time!


Benefits of Take-Home Whitening

Professional take-home teeth whitening allows you to get professional results at your convenience in a safe way. These treatments are designed to whiten your smile with little sensitivity. With take-home whitening, it’s easier than ever for patients to discover noticeably whiter smiles in just two weeks.

Teeth Whitening Consultation 

If you have a healthy smile, you may be a good candidate for professional teeth whitening. Only your cosmetic dentist can determine if teeth whitening is suitable for you, and this requires undergoing a dental exam to ensure proper health. Patients with periodontal disease, dental cavities, or exposed roots are not viable candidates for teeth whitening. These issues need to be addressed before seeking cosmetic treatments.


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