The Benefits Of Restorative Implant Dentistry

Are you missing a tooth? While a lost tooth may wreck your smile, it also impacts your oral health negatively. The good news is that restorative implant dentistry in Englewood, NJ, can salvage your smile and oral functionality. At Dental Arts of Englewood, Dr. Mark Docktor installs high-quality dental implants to replace your teeth for life!

While there exist other teeth replacement options, Dr. Docktor advises you consider teeth implants because they yield many benefits, including:

Prevent bone loss

Ever wondered how your jawbone doesn’t lose its shape when you have teeth? It’s because your natural teeth stimulate the jawbone to grow. Unfortunately, when you lose a tooth, the bone around the empty space begins to resorb, resulting in a sunken-in appearance.

Luckily, if you have an implant, it stimulates the jawbone, just like your natural teeth, preventing bone loss. While bridges and dentures can fill your mouth gaps, none can prevent bone loss like dental implants.

Protects adjacent teeth

Dental implants are stand-alone dental treatments. As such, they don’t affect the surrounding teeth, unlike other tooth-replacement methods. In any case, dental implants prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting towards the empty space.

Implants look natural

Losing your natural teeth is painful because you will never get your teeth back. However, with restorative implant dentistry in Englewood, NJ, you can get a tooth replacement that acts and feels like your natural teeth. With dental implants, no one will tell you ever had a missing tooth!

Implants are long-lasting

When you receive dental implants from Dental Arts of Englewood, you don’t have to think about that gap again. Unlike dentures and bridges that may need replacement at some point, implants last for a lifetime if you observe optimal oral care.

Require little care

If Dr. Docktor and his team have installed implants, brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and seeing a dentist every six months are enough to ensure your implants last for life. If a dental crown caps a dental implant, ensure that you don’t bite hard substances to avoid compromising the structural integrity of your crown.

Dental implants offer predictable outcomes

The success of dental implants depends on the health of your jaw bone and the position of the implant. Other factors like smoking may reduce the chances of successful dental implant surgery. However, amid these challenges, the overall success rate of implants is over 98%, meaning implant-based restorations are suitable for many people and offer predictable outcomes.

Dental implants near me

Would you like to reap the above benefits of restorative implant dentistry in Englewood, NJ? Please dial (201) 894-9998 to book an appointment with Dental Arts of Englewood. Dr. Docktor installs natural-looking dental implants to replace your teeth for many, many years to come.