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Emergencies happen, however, it’s important to take the steps to keep your mouth healthy enough that emergencies don’t happen often. A big part of preventing emergencies is visiting your dentist to keep your teeth healthy enough to withstand whatever may come their way. Dr. Mark Docktor at Dental Arts of Englewood in Englewood, NJ, can help keep your teeth as healthy as possible with treatments like tooth-colored fillings for cavities, regular cleanings, and regular exams.

How Regular Checkups Can Prevent Dental Emergencies

If your teeth are healthy and kept clean and protected, they’re less likely to need emergency care. Visiting your dentist regularly is a great way to keep your smile in check and give your dentist an opportunity to check your mouth for any signs of impending issues that could cause further problems in your teeth. For example, if your dentist in Englewood, NJ, notices a cavity, they’ll be able to use tooth-colored fillings to strengthen your teeth and keep them protected from any further damage.

Regular checkups also include professional teeth cleanings, which will help rid your smile of any built-up plaque or tartar and keep your smile free of decay. This helps keep your teeth from suffering from decay damage and can help your teeth ward off any damage you may experience. You’re less likely to need an emergency procedure if your teeth are fully intact and as strong as they can be. Regular visits are the best way to make sure that your teeth are as healthy as they possibly can be to protect you from dental emergencies.

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Prevent dental emergencies by being sure to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. Contact Dr. Mark Docktor at Dental Arts of Englewood in Englewood, NJ, to learn about keeping your teeth healthy through tooth-colored fillings, dental cleanings, and regular exams. Call for an appointment today at (201) 894-9998.