New Patients

Patient Forms, Map and Directions to Englewood Office

Your first visit to Dental Arts of Englewood establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you. During the first visit, we make sure to obtain important background information, like your medical history, and give you time to get to know your doctor. To understand what to expect for your first visit to our practice, please read through this page. You'll find all the practical information you need, such as a map and directions to our office, practice hours, payment policies and more. There's also background information about our committed staff and our first visit procedures. You can even save some time at your first visit by printing out and completing the patient forms in advance of your appointment.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide exceptional dentistry in a relaxed and caring environment. Your overall health and general well-being all relates to your dental health. Your personal self-image, your smile, and the presentation your personality conveys are subtle, but major factors related to how you feel about you. Our interest, training and background is focused on providing state of the art dentistry to help improve your smile, your health and and your personal well being and happiness. We will always exercise our care, skill and judgment in each individual's best interest. Our mission is to provide dental care for you, your family and friends that will exceed your expectations.

The Mouth

The mouth in its entirety is an important and even wondrous part our anatomy, our emotion, our life; it is the site of our very being. When an animal loses its teeth, it cannot survive unless it is domesticated; it's very existence is terminated; it dies. In the human, the mouth is the means of speaking, of expressing love, happiness and joy, anger, ill temper or sorrow. It is the primary sex contact; hence it is of initial import to our regeneration and survival by food and propagation. It deserves the greatest care it can receive at any sacrifice.

F. Harold Wirth D.D.S.

Our Philosophy

We practice the concept of optimum dental health, which is the most favorable degree of oral health that you, as a patient can attain with our help. Our goal is to save as many of your natural teeth as possible for the rest of your life.

Patient Forms

Please print and fill out these forms so we can expedite your first visit:

adobeIn order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download it.

What To Expect

Being well-prepared for your appointment will ensure that the doctor has all of the needed information to provide the best possible care for you. It also will help relieve any unnecessary anxiety you may be feeling. Educate yourself on your symptoms by reviewing the content on this web site. Also, take some time to review our staff page and familiarize yourself with the doctor. We look forward to your first visit.

Driving Directions

Local Landmarks

  • Englewood Hospital
  • Arts and Crafts bungalow with on-site parking (OUR OFFICE)
  • Bus from NY Port Authority or George Washington, bridge bus terminal right to corner by office