My husband learned of Dr. Docktor around 1990 via the recommendation of two different dentists in Hoboken, a periodontist and an orthodontist who both recommended him as a general dentist and said that he was "the best" and that they both went to him for general dental care. They were 100% right. Unfortunately, I didn't meet my husband or learn of Dr. Docktor until years later, so by the time I arrived at Dr. Docktor"s office in Englewood I had a mouth full of "overhanging" amalgam fillings from previous dental work elsewhere that made it almost impossible to clean in between teeth. plus some new cavities that I'd been afraid to have filled after the previous unfortunate dental work until I was sure I had found a good dentist. I'm so happy to have found this office---the care is absolutely superb. Maggie at the front desk is kind and efficient----I've also never received such fast insurance reimbursements! Mary, the dental assistant is highly skilled and helps oversee every detail of your dental work to make sure all turns out as well as possible. She is clearly genuinely invested in the success of each procedure and really cares. Dr. Docktor is without a doubt "the best" as those dentists 30 years ago advised my husband. I think most of us have an instinctive sense of when we're in the hands of of a truly outstanding medical or dental professional. Every detail from how the local blocks are adminisnitered to deciding on the best approach to take in drilling a tooth to least disrupt the tooth's anatomy to getting the filling or bonding just right is taken under full consideration. He takes great care in showing you your X-rays, going over the exam and X-ray findings and will patiently explain any and all options for treatment, al;so taking time to listen to and fully consider anyideas you might have. His work is meticulous.Dr. Docktor and Mary cmpletely transformed my dental health in opnly a few visits---myteeth look andfeel so much better! What's almost as atonishing is how pleasant each experience was. When you're in the hands of people as skilled, talented and and caring as they are, any anxieties just melt away. I haven't had my teeth cleaned there yet but I am looking forward to seeing Ive, their dental hygienist, in a few weeks. My husband was treated by her about a month ago and was very happy wth her care!..... Victoria S.........10/18/2019



Dr. Mark is a very kind considerate and encouraging person.I joked with him and his office that they should rename his practice Angel Dentistry. They were so kind to me and also to each other. They listen to your concerns and stay right on top of it. They also use as much anesthesia as you need to feel comfortable. Thsi was important to me because I grew up with a dentist who did not use novacaine. Dr. Mark also loves classical music and so I let himpick which pieces of music I was going to listen to before he drilled. I am thrilled to have found him.....Lisa F.....10/11/2019 



Dr. Docktor and the Dental Arts team are exceptional people and practitioners. The quality of personalized care my famnily and I have received is of the highest caliber. They go above and beyond to give the best dentalLisa  treatment and hospitality I have ever received at a dental office. I highly recommend Dental Arts of Englewood. I wish I had found them sooner!.....Karma C.....10/19/2019



Perhaps you and Maggie will lift a glass (or two) to toast your own wizardry in  making my beautiful bridge. It is a work of art. With my warmest, sincerest thanks!.....Carol de G.....10/29/2019



From the moment you walk through the door you feel how genuine the staff is here. The receptionist makes you immediately feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Mark H. Docktor explains everything to you, & makes sure you're aware of everything before and after any procedure/cleaning. The hygienist here is the best I've ever had. She took her time and made sure I didn't feel uncomfortable during any part of my cleaning. It is a warm friendly environment her and I highly recommeend this place to anyone that's looking for a dentist......

Amaru C.   10/1/2019



The best dental experience I've had yet. I was taken in as an emergency and they took care of me. From the welcoming 

front desk to being on the chair. Mary the assistant was absolutely amazing. She makes u feel so comfortable. Gentle hands and the most carng dentist I've ever been to....Shiomara F.    10/1/2019 ____________________________________________________________________________________

Hello this is Joan. I was very pleased how you handled the situation (with my front tooth). I deeply appreciated it and thank you very much.. for trying to save my tooth. I really deeply appreciated it and if I have any problem I look forward to sseing you again. Let's hope all is well with you and me. Thank you so much.....Joan N....9/11/2019



Love my new filling!!! You're the best!!!...Laurie M.   9/13/2019




Hi...I just wanted to thank you so so much for taking care of Mom last night. I can't tell you how much she and I appreciate that you guys are so wonderful to us and I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are tol have such wobnderful people help in our lives, and I just, we just really appreciate that. Take care. Thanks again.....Allie. L...May, 13, 2019



Hi. Just had an appointment with a dentist who had been recommended by some Chicago friends.....I was most pleased with the outcome of my visit with Dr. S......She did a dental exam and oral prophylaxis today, and kept commenting on how "awesome" excellent and spectacular the dental work looked in my mouth. It was almost too much, but I'm sure you would have loved her complimentary comments on your professional work.....She is quite an engaging person.........

Torry S....March 25, 2019



" Hi Doc...I just returned from a 2 month cruise of the Asia-Pacific ring. Needed a perio cleaning immediately. Dr. Brian K. asked again how long I had my "roundhouse" and who performed it. Thirteen years and by the great Mark Docktor. He said it was an excellent job, these do not last so long. But I take good care of my dental work. I just thought you would like to know that I love your work. I miss you, and your peers see your great work.THANKS."...Frank G.....12.4.2018

From Belgium. We were there and he is absolutely the best. Smile. Gerd and Roger F.....January 2016



"I've been getting compliments on my smile for over 40 years. He is the best. Thanks Doc"....Debbie B...February 2018




As a Brit growing up in the 60s/70s, I have always been terrified of a visit to the dentist.  Dr. Docktor has completely cured me of all my fears and I have almost got to the point now where I can fall asleep in the chair (WITHOUT drugs). He‘s just great, has the best technology, and it is a testament to him that most of his staff has been with him for years." - Michael R.

"I searched and searched for just a good dentist after moving here. After several disappointments with dentists in NYC and NJ, a friend recommended Dr. Docktor. From the first teeth cleaning I fell in love! They are wonderful people who always use the best technology and techniques. There is no reason to even consider going anywhere else." Susan M.

"I am very pleased to report that I am completely satisfied with the work you have done for me. It has clearly EXCEEDED any and all expectations I had at the beginning. My dental work is sound and strong, I am proud of my smile, my confidence and self esteem has improved, and simply stated I am SO happy I proceeded with your treatment plan and outstanding follow up in the years since. My heartfelt thanks for your outstanding expertise and professionalism, and for your supporting staff of hygienists and others who are helping me maintain my dental health." - Frank G.

"This is the first time I've gone to a different dentist in almost 30 years. Dr. Docktor was great. He was very informative and explained all procedures thoroughly. I like that they use a computer for the X-rays so they can zoom and enhance the images. My old dentist still developed them on tiny film." - Brad M.on Yelp. 

"Dr. Mark has completely changed my appearance . He has done such a wonderful and  caring job . I feel like a new person. He has made me smile again. He is such a  special person to me and a good friend . Thank you Dr. Mark.....................Eddie  Bless"

"Greetings from the Red Sox Nation and I am still a Yankee fan! Very pleased you wrote to me. By the way---you deserve a Dental Medal for the dentures you made me so long ago. They are as good as new, not even one adjustment. I’m not only pleased but grateful. If I ever have a problem, I’ll hitch-hike back to NJ, as I don’t drive anymore. Stay well and kindest regards. JERSEY JOE. "

"Thank you Dr. Dr.---I ate my first meal yesterday and they work perfectly! My family can’t believe how perfect they look! It was all worth the wait!!! I just love my new teeth, although I have to say for the past 25 years that you have been taking care of my mouth,I never left your office without a smile on my face and my teeth looking beautiful. I have no regrets waiting this long to do what you have been telling me I needed to do for as many years---after all, it was you who took the time and interest in me, as hard as it was to rebuild everything in my mouth to fit my budget so many times, you went far beyond what was normal procedure—many, many, many times! So when my friends and family tell me how beautiful and perfect my teeth look now that I’m finished, I think to myself, they always looked good for the past 25 years because you would never let me leave your office unless they were perfect! How many times you worked through your lunch hour because my teeth were not the way you liked, and it took another hour top get them right---only you! Every time I left your office, through my smile there were happy tears because of your TLC and interest in me. You’ve made my life so much easier knowing you were there 24/7 in case of an emergency. I am so fortunate to have you in my life as my dentist, as are all your patients. Thank you for my new life with a proud smile and peace of mind!!!" - Marilyn N.

"Ten years and a few dentists later, I can still say Dr. Mark Docktor is the best dentist I've ever had. The dentists since him all marvel at his work. He developed an upper denture for me that I still wear and he outfitted a partial to become a full denture as the teeth were lost.

I recall one instance during a dental visit, when I asked the doctor if I should remove my denture and he stepped back in disbelief, thinking they were my teeth. As for the service, you couldn't ask for a better front office staff. I contacted them recently in order to go back and have new dentures done by Dr. Docktor, that's how confident I am with his work. He has a great chair-side manners and despite any fear you may have of the a visit to the dentist he quickly puts you at ease." - Anonymous Dr. Oogle Review

Dr. Docktor- This is a request to release and send my records to the following dentist , in Juno Beach, Florida. I can only hope that I get aportion of the care that I had from you guys. Please send my regards to everyone...Best regards, Dean N.  

Hey Doc, all is perfect, no pain at all, novocaine wore off after about an hour. Awesome work. Easiest fillings I've ever had done. Thanks for checking in! Rob A.

Thank you for not only my glowing smile but for your warmth and understanding as well...Beth

Please be advised that I had a recent change in insurance coverage and will no longer be a patient. Thank you for the excellent care I received over the years. Hope the new dentist is as good as you! All the best---Dorothy F.

Thanks for taking such good care of Joyce. She had a very pleasant visit. Guess what, she thinks you are all SO NICE!!!      Dr. A. P.

I'm so greateful! Many thanks to you and your staff for giving me a "SMILE" to be proud of!   Marianne

The best dentist I have ever had...and I've had to have a lot of dental work! Entire staff is friendly and always makes the patient their #1.

from Dr. Oogle site

Extremely professional, courteous and careful.   Mark H.

I just moved.....and needed a dentist. I went to him based on a recommendation from a woman who went to him for over 30 years. He is truly amazing and the technology he uses is incredible. To top it off all the staff is super friendly and I would recommend him to anyone  and everyone....from KANNEKT

What's not to love? We'll miss him in Hoboken. An old school Dentist with many more talents than just his vast command of dentistry..... Mark R. from Linkedin. Feb. 2015

I just wanted to tell you, I saw Christina this weekend. She came up to me and smiled!!! She loves her new teeth!!! She is very happy!!! 
I must tell you, she does not usually come up to say hello. Her mom usually has to tell her to be polite. Thank you again for taking such 
great care of all my patients!!! ...Dr. A.P. March 2015

I cannot rave enough about this man! So happy he's my dentist! I used to be terrified of dentists, but after meeting Dr. Docktor, I can actually fall asleep in his chair. When he needs to recommend another doctor to do something, he has the utmost confidence they will be just as good......Laurie M...February 2016

Thanks for your amazing help with my emergency...J.J....8.2011

This is a request to release and send my records to the following dentist (in Florida). I can only hope that I get a portion of the care that I had from you guys.......Dean N...Jan. 2010

I just wanted to convey my heartfelt appreciation for your fine work in reconstructing the alignment of my teeth and correcting my bite. This dental work has resulted in a substantial improvement in the genereal quality of life during the 12 years since the reconstructive dental work was completed. In addition to the obvious cosmetic improvements in the appearance of my teeth and mouth and the associated increase in self esteem, the grinding of my teeth at night and the associated discomfort has ceased, my posture has improved and the incidence of stiff- ness of the neck and and other muscles has decreased. I want to thank you for your work in reconstructing my bite and my teeth and for the resulting improvements in my quality of life, appearance and self esteem.......My only regret, with regard to the dental reconstructive work was that I did not go through with it ten years earlier...I owuld like to express my deepest appreciation for your fine work and the positive impact it has had on my life. Sincerely, Mike M...April 2012

If Dr. Docktor can't do it, then it can't be done! He is without a doubt the finest dentist I have ever visited.......1.17.06 from Dr. Oogle

I cannot tell you enough how grateful my mouth is to you. Thank you for being with me, and giving me all the care you always give me. You are such a special Doctor, and will be in my heart always. Thank you for everything. Elisabeth W.

Boy, am I glad you are my friends. Thank you so very much for going beyond for me. I can't believe you are doing this for me...Pat K. Aug '15

I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful doctor and for working so hard to make my teeth look so beautiful! I think about you every time I look at my teeth! You're a very special person and I will miss you very much!!!

Hope K...2013

I can't thank you enough for taking care of me, and my dental emergency. You are always there to help, even when we were in Arizona. You can only imafgine how panicky I was....Carole and Don...2014

Doc, I will never forget what you have done for me. I have a beautiful smile and will always remember that it was you who gave it to me. Your office was more than a dental office. It was a family of people who cared for one another and placed their patients first!!!.....Sincerely, Mariann P.... November 2013.

You are the best dentist ever!!! Thank you for always helping me out!...M. Hill...Linked in...June 2016


I love my teeth!!!! Thank you so much!...........Laurie M...June 2017