Tooth Colored Fillings

Cosmetic Tooth Fillings In Englewood, NJ

The facts about tooth colored fillings

Tooth colored, also called cosmetic fillings, can help restore your damaged teeth, and can also provide cosmetic beauty. Placed by your Englewood, NJ dentist, Dr. Mark Docktor, this type of filling is an excellent choice for repairing a tooth that is:

  • Chipped or cracked
  • Decayed or damaged
  • Discolored or stained

Why Cosmetic Fillings?

Cosmetic fillings can also replace bulky, unsightly metal fillings. Large metal fillings can actually weaken a tooth, structurally cutting the tooth in half. When you bite on a large metal filling, there is a good chance the filling can fracture, taking part of your precious tooth structure with it. Cosmetic fillings can strengthen damaged teeth, because the material used actually bonds your tooth structure together.


The first step in your treatment is for your Englewood, NJ dentist to remove all traces of decay and old filling material, creating a clean, disease-free area. Next, your dentist will apply an etching material to create tiny holes in the surface of your tooth to retain the filling material. The etching material is rinsed off, and a bonding agent is applied. This allows the filling material to adhere to your tooth.


The next step is where the artistry begins. Tooth-colored fillings are created from composite, a liquid resin material which can be shaped and molded while still in liquid form. Your dentist will apply the composite and mold and shape it to provide a natural-looking filling. The composite material is hardened using a high-tech ultraviolet “curing” light. As a final step, your dentist will shape and polish the composite filling to perfection.


Tooth-colored, cosmetic fillings have several advantages over large, metal fillings. Cosmetic fillings are:


  • More beautiful, because they look just like your natural teeth
  • More natural, because they can be color-matched perfectly to your existing teeth
  • More protective, because they can bond your damaged tooth together

Tooth-colored, cosmetic fillings are virtually invisible to you and those around you. When you smile, people will notice your beautiful teeth, not ugly fillings. Cosmetic fillings require a certain amount of artistry, so if you need a skilled dentist to sculpt your tooth-colored fillings to perfection, make an appointment with Dental Arts Of Englewood in Englewood, NJ. 




Leaving cavities unfilled can lead to tooth decay and other oral health issues.
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